Friday, 30 April 2010

He was a skater boi

The Man Who Souled The World 'is a documentary about Steve Rocco, co-founder of World Industries. In the 1990s he (along with Rodney Mullen and Mark Gonzales) changed skateboarding into what it is today. Behind it all is a really interesting story about how to run a business and have fun doing it.' Sounds great.

I have always thought that skater's are pretty cool but the fact that the boyf is one of those mid 20 some thing's that still enjoys riding the park with his pal's used to worry me. Yes they are too old for throwing themselves down concrete ramps, but something good has come from this.
Ever since we have been together I have always admired his vast range of music interest and knowledge, and it all comes down to the days that he would stay in with his mate's and watch skate videos. I can't remember how many times he has said..'oh that tune is from a skate video I watched when I was 12' and he is still discovering more and more great tracks.
The skateboard subculture has produced some pretty cool stuff. The graphics from back in the day are amazing. I don't know much about it but whatever I see looks great. The above Alva ads just go to show.
All images from Mary & Matt blog.

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