Thursday, 29 July 2010

The Tree Museum, Zurich

''Located near the shores of Lake Zurich, this 75,000sq m open-air museum is dedicated to showcasing the extensive collection of Swiss architect and avid tree collector Enzo Enea.
Enea created the museum as an extension of his work as a landscape architect, and the concept and aesthetic follows his signature garden design. The space is divided into a series of "rooms", each with its own character. The monolithic, modernist concrete structures act as the perfect canvases to showcase the trees as individual works of beauty.
The experience of walking around the museum is an immersive one - the trees have created a micro-climate around them, and visitors are encouraged to touch, smell and take their time.
With many of the 50 trees aged 100 years or older, the museum emphasises the "slowness" of nature and is a place of quiet contemplation, an escape from hectic daily life. ''

This place looks like heaven to me.

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