Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Jeff does L.A - Part 2

I have matching L.A palm trees in my garden, they are just not quite as tall.

This is Alice and she showed me the L.A way.

I wanted a picture with the graff too, but it's not as good.

Great salad and iced tea from Jones's.

Our hotel played the best music by the pool. During the day you would find beautiful people hanging out at the pool party where a DJ played great house music until the sun went down and then it changed into pretty much my itunes library at night. I think Alice got fed up of me singing and dancing along by the end of it.

Old Care Bears at the Rose Bowl. They all looked pretty manky but I liked the pastels together.

I think this is probably the best thing I have ever bought. A vintage Nike neon sign for $70 from the Rose Bowl. It's going to look SO FLY on my wall, I can not wait. And it lasted the 11 hour flight home in one piece. I'm pretty smug about this one.

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