Friday, 19 February 2010

Hind Ear

Hind Ear is a London/Brighton based 4 piece band who mix electronics, analogue loops, pounding 2 step beats and subtle vocals to create some brilliant refreshing music. They have recently played a lived improvised soundtrack to 'Tetsuo the Iron Man,' the '89 Japanese cult film in Brighton and regularly take stage at the renowned White Heat night at Madam JoJo's. A great band to see live, with each member multitasking their way around the wire covered stage.
Their next London gig is Dollop at the Old Blue, Old Street on the 2nd of April and I generally do recommend seeing them (this has nothing to do with my bro being in the band). They have had SuperSuper magazine 'hot under the collar' for the past few months and the soon to be released album is something to look out for.
Check out 2 of their tracks at

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